Lessons from life, reflections on turning 30

This year I turned thirty (several months ago…). I feel old. I know that comparatively, I’m not. There’s many experiences and events and historic events that I’ve missed (like thousands of years worth…). Many people remind me of that. But having said that I do feel old physically. My knees and joints creak and my … More Lessons from life, reflections on turning 30

My first dress

I love to create. But I’m a bit of a free spirit in that realm. This week I sewed my first garment. A dress. From a pattern. I’m happy about my completed dress in that I managed to read and follow the pattern- until it came to the sleeves (I gave up at that point … More My first dress

A time for…

A few weeks ago, my uncles and grandfather cut down a landmark on the family farm. It took a huge chainsaw and many days of work for many people to cut up the lengths and turn the tree into firewood. I knew it needed cutting down. I’ve wondered when it would happen. It’s part of … More A time for…

Liebster Award!!

Thank you so much, Shaz at Sure Scribbles for nominating me for the Liebster award. I had no idea what this meant. So I googled it. I found this blog, that lists the general rules. Go there to see the full explanation. This award is given from one blogger to another blogger and a way to encourage … More Liebster Award!!

Interesting week

>Hi, This week was quite interesting with teaching a few lessons (with some nothing went right!). We also had our field trip to Charleston, SC. That was amazing to observe the planning of the trip, attend, and be a back-up chaperone. I didn’t really have kids to keep track of, so I wandered with the … More Interesting week