Planting Seeds

What seeds are we planting or cultivating? Seeds. There are different kinds of seeds. Seeds of choosing joy. Seeds of choosing Thankfulness. There are also seeds of choosing to hate or be angry and bitter about things you can’t change and again, seeds of trying to make changes. Seeds of Fear I was listening to … More Planting Seeds


Hi Friends, I haven’t been writing/typing much lately here. Sorry about that. I’m not really sure how to update you. We’ve had a few weeks of last minute changes of plans that kind of leave me drained. I also haven’t had much energy the last few months, so unfortunately the blog gets pushed aside while … More Thanksgiving?


Dear Friends, Many of you know that I had decided to extend my visa in order to finish this school year at my school here in Australia. The visa would allow me to teach here even next year… before creeping up again to do more paperwork. So a few weeks ago I had to go … More decisions….