The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know anything…

Here is just a quick comment. The older I get or the wiser (ha!) I realize more and more that I don’t know very much.

I first came to this conclusion in college. I was overwhelmed. I was trying to study hard, retain information and learn and grow and reach the goals of “good” grades and be involved in ministry and friends. Balancing all that was tricky and I didn’t always do too well. But this lesson I did learn. There is ever so much more so to learn.

Then I went out into the big world and taught in a few different schools for a few years. It’s the same lesson all over again. I don’t know very much and here I was trying to teach little/not so little people when I didn’t feel very adequate or knowledgeable. It’s still the same with marriage and people and everything else. I don’t know very much at all.

But let’s not give up in despair!

There is so much to learn in our wonderful/fearful world. I do know one thing, our Great God is taking care of each and every thing, just as we need Him to do for us.

I’m striving to be a lifelong learner, and do try to learn new things every day. So hopefully I never come across as a know-it-all. But hopefully I do show that I’m trying to be a learn-in-over-and-over-and-more-and-more-it-all.

What are you learning today?

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