Planting Seeds

What seeds are we planting or cultivating? Seeds. There are different kinds of seeds. Seeds of choosing joy. Seeds of choosing Thankfulness. There are also seeds of choosing to hate or be angry and bitter about things you can’t change and again, seeds of trying to make changes. Seeds of Fear I was listening to … More Planting Seeds

Book Care 101

I learned how to mend books when I was in university. Here are some lessons on keeping books in good shape. Don’t Use Tape on books One of the first things I learned was don’t use tape on books. Duct tape or clear “scotch” tape on pages and covers may help the situation for a … More Book Care 101

Book Corner: ‘Fighting’ McKenzie Anzac Chaplain

Today’s post is a bit of a book review. Due to Australia’s recent Anzac Day (April 25th) that commemorates the landing of Australian and New Zealand “Diggers” landing at Gallipoli during the “Great War” I started to read the book ‘Fighting’ McKenzie Anzac Chaplain by Col Stringer. My husband has it in his collection. I finished reading it a … More Book Corner: ‘Fighting’ McKenzie Anzac Chaplain