Aussie Burgers


Hi all,

We visited my family in the states back in June. When we ate in restaurants my husband often ordered hamburgers. He always lamented that they were lacking many key ingredients. He was very glad to get back to civilization and enjoy a real burger again when we returned home.

Here is what is expected on an Australian burger:


Meat pattie




Sliced tomato

Sliced pineapple (often from a tin)

Sliced beetroot (tinned beets are very thin so are nice additions to burgers)

Fried egg

Fried onions

Grated carrot

Sauce, either tomato sauce (ketchup) or BBQ sauce or both

Yes, I like them with everything except the BBQ sauce.

Try it sometime, you may just like it and realise that the Aussies have it right in this case.

Thanks for reading,



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