What’s worth our time?


I’m very much enjoying a day at home.

My days aren’t full of energy. But I do often get a lot done. I was talking with my sister earlier and I went through the list of what I did today and it was quite long. I was shocked. I didn’t feel like I’d done much, but evidently I did. I guess one key point to mention is I’m home alone.

Every day or almost every day I’m home. My days with errands make for less accomplishments at home, but do get me interacting more with people. Those days also exhaust me more.

I don’t have much energy these days. We had our inspection for our rental a few weeks ago so I had to put forth energy in preparing for that that, but I’ve been quite slow with everything else. But I guess slow is relative. Also that’s slow amid listening to podcasts or watching Youtube or working on creative projects or just doing nothing on the couch.

My sister was telling me about her day and how much she gets done with two littles. It is very different. She has to stop and feed littles and then clean up after them and interact and answer questions and corral them to the car or herd them from one activity or task. Yep, the productivity list is relative.

There are some things that are worth being distracted for – little kids being one of them. Internet and social media or just wasting time aren’t worth it.

What are your distractions? Are they important or do you need to cull them out and ignore them? What are you missing out on because of the distractions? Reading and spending time in God’s Word? Spending time with dear ones? Reaching out and helping others because we’re “too busy”?

Thanks for reading.


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