Lessons from life, reflections on turning 30

This year I turned thirty (several months ago…). I feel old. I know that comparatively, I’m not. There’s many experiences and events and historic events that I’ve missed (like thousands of years worth…). Many people remind me of that.

But having said that I do feel old physically. My knees and joints creak and my back has been hurting a lot recently. All that said, even though I feel “old” I don’t really look old.

Most people don’t guess my age correctly, but it’s been a while since someone mistook me for a highschooler. Until a few weeks ago.

We went to a craft fair. That’s for another post for another day, but in one of the workshops the teacher kept referring to me as “the young girl here”. After she finished her talk I was talking with her and my MIL and told the teacher that I was her daughter in law, and I told the teacher I was in fact 30. She laughed, shocked that I’m married and she said she thought I was 18.

Since it’s been a while since someone thought I was that much younger I assumed that I “look” my age. I guess I still don’t.

I used to get that a lot.

When I was teaching in NC, a man at a gas station gave me his business card for limousines for hire because he thought I was a high school senior, and might need a limo for a prom.

I did a fun project a few weeks ago, I sewed a dress. It was fun, but also tedious, but the part I definitely didn’t enjoy was the cutting out of the fabrics from the floor, my knees were happy for me to be done with kneeling.

All that aside, here are thirty things I’ve learned in the last thirty years of life (Not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. Spend time with dear ones. As often as you can.
  2. Ask questions of older and wiser people and try to implement the things that apply to your life.
  3. Also ask for the stories of their lives and learn from their experiences. If their stories aren’t written down, they will be lost.
  4. Be careful what you say- I don’t know everything, and can often look and feel less “stupid” if I just keep quiet more often.
  5. Call that person even if you feel like the timing might not be perfect. I hate disturbing people and especially with the major time zone differences, I often don’t call when I think about people for fear of interrupting them. (I do check the times and make sure it’s not in the middle of the night and such…)
  6. It’s not all about me. In the grand scheme of things, everyone struggles and everyone has a lot to share- if only we’d stop and share with one another.
  7. I need my Lord and Saviour and can do nothing good or of worth without Him.
  8. Even though I feel like I’m in pain or have struggles with pride, bitterness, fear and other issues, I have it a lot better than so many people out there.
  9. We need people.
  10. I have too much stuff. Really. I am working on decluttering and am a bit obsessed with reading blogs and listening people talk on the subject… but I still have too much stuff and need to purge more. Because really, I don’t need stuff to control me, and stuff doesn’t make me happy. (That’s what I’m trying to tell myself.)
  11. Children are precious, and I love spending time with them, but I don’t get to very often.
  12. Sometimes Sunday school lessons or other responsibilities don’t go as planned and you feel humbled and weak and like a “failure” but those mistakes teach me a lesson and God uses even my “failures” to work in my life, if I let them.
  13. I’m way too sensitive about some things and not sensitive enough about others. (I’m easily hurt, but not always careful to avoid hurting others.)
  14. Stop and smell the flowers. Breath in the air and enjoy nature.
  15. I need to read my Bible more.
  16. I need to pray more.
  17. I need to exercise more.
  18. My cooking is good most of the time, but sometimes my experiments don’t work out too well. (Ask Steven, I don’t like to measure when I cook… so that is sometimes a good thing, but not always.)
  19. I hate forms, but as an adult I still have to fill them out occasionally.
  20. I have learned that there are times I need to be dependent – especially on the Lord, and there are other times I need to be independent and not be too clingy.
  21. The best gifts are those given from the heart.
  22.  Learning about cars, boats, machinery and aeroplanes etc. can be interesting and actually fun. Mostly because my hubby is interested, but still being able to relate to his passions helps us both.
  23. Simple is often better, but not always possible or realistic.
  24. There are often no words to express our sympathy for others who are hurting.
  25. Life speeds up and seasons pass by too quickly. (Especially when visiting loved ones, time goes too fast!)
  26. I’ve learned that even though I didn’t meet and marry my husband when I thought I should (think ten years ago…) I wasn’t mature enough or ready for marriage, and that God worked out the timing to meet Steven for just when God knew we were both ready.
  27. Having someone to love and care for, and be loved by is something very special and precious indeed. Even in all that, my husband cannot make me happy if I’m solely depending on him rather than on God.
  28. Music is very therapeutic. For me, listening to hymns is helpful to think through pain and troubles.
  29. I’ve learned that our world is a very troubled place full of hurt and hatred and sorrow. I’m so thankful to know God’s truth and have hope in Him.
  30. I’ve learned to trust in God – to the level He has brought me to at this point. This is a lifelong lesson that I continually need to grow in.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

Proverbs 3:5-7

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Lessons from life, reflections on turning 30

  1. Fun to read your stuff and share you insights. When I turned thirty, my h.s. students told me I was over the hill and had one foot on a slippery banana peel! I enjoyed calling some of them years later when they hit the big 30!
    I cut out stuff on my kitchen table. I bought a an inexpensive but helpful plastic table cloth (it has sort of a cloth or sometime of backing so it doesn’t slide.) I put all the pattern pieces on before I start and if the piece is long I just fold it on the end of the table until I get to that part. My knees don’t do well for long periods on the floor and I am at the point where it’s harder to just pop up like I used to. I used to read the paper on the floor on my knees and propped myself up with my elbows. No more! One of my dear friends gifted me their old recliner. It has some age issues but it helps me when I read for a long time to get my feet and legs up!
    I am old compared to you but my family keeps reminding me that if God spares me to be as old as my Mom (nearly 104) I better stay with it! She went to exercise class every morning until the day she went to the hospital for the last time. Which reminds me I haven’t walked this week!
    Love, Dr. L.

  2. Thank you for stopping by As Grandma Says. I love the fact that you are turning 30 this year. I have grandchildren your age.

    I was thirty-one before I was really comfortable in my own skin. Up to that point, it had been something of a struggle for me to know just who I was in any circumstance. The last four digits of my phone number are 3143. I acquired that number when I was thirty-one. When I told my mother it would be easy to remember because 31 was my age and 43 was hers. She laughed aloud, saying she liked my math. She was twenty-two when I was born.

    In our family, we sort of disregard age – until we hit eighty. Then we celebrate! You see, Moses got his marching orders from God – when he was eighty. Looking forward to my assignment.

    Grace and peace,

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