My first dress

I love to create. But I’m a bit of a free spirit in that realm. This week I sewed my first garment. A dress. From a pattern.

I’m happy about my completed dress in that I managed to read and follow the pattern- until it came to the sleeves (I gave up at that point and just turned under and sewed the arm holes and made the dress a sleeveless one instead of with sleeves) I’m also pleased that the seams came together well and it looks pretty good on me- as far as I can tell from our mirror.

Something I’m not happy about and the reason why I didn’t bother to finish the sleeves as the pattern directed is I discovered that the fabric has many, many, tiny holes throughout the entire dress. I had it all cut out and had sewn up the first seams when I realized there were holes in it. I decided to go ahead and keep making it because it would help me practice in my sewing skills and following a pattern etc.

Did I waste my time? I don’t think so since I was able to practice and learn more about making garments. I know I can follow a pattern. I also now know that I like this particular pattern and can make it again using fabric that hopefully won’t have any holes in it. And now my knees and shoulders hurt from bending over and kneeling on the floor for the cutting and sewing of the dress. I did find it tedious at points.

Now what to do with my completed dress- with holes in it? Wear it with a shirt underneath on some of the days I’m at home alone.

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “My first dress

    1. Hi, thanks I’ve been away from my computer (laptop) and couldn’t get my phone to respond. Er, maybe when I finish the sleaves I may post a picture… but the holes in the fabric kind of prevent me from wanting to post a picture… :p

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