Snapshots: Creative Projects

I can finally show you a great pile of things I’ve been working on for several months now.

You can click off now if you don’t like to look at handcrafts.

Because a great many of these projects were “Christmas in June” gifts for friends and family on our recent trip to the USA I haven’t wanted to show any of those projects just yet.

Our trip is over, we’re home and all I have left is the pictures I took and I wanted to share. Remember, these were made over a long period of time, some way back in early 2015 so I’m not as prolific as it looks. That said, I hope you enjoy some of what I’ve made as much as I enjoyed making these. šŸ™‚

Table runner
Sturt Desert Pea Applique Cushion


Zippered Pouches
“Grandmother’s Garden Apron”
Stockings for Christmas gatherings


Applique re-useable shopping bags


My current projects are varied and many. Now that my gift cupboard is empty, I’m starting to fill it again. And yes, our suitcases going over to the USA were mostly gifts…and a few clothes for us.

Thanks for reading,





4 thoughts on “Snapshots: Creative Projects

  1. Your handiwork is beautiful! So much variety! Thankful you were able to come back to visit and trust the days ahead will go well. I am in MN with my family which is mostly refreshing. I fly back to G’ville on August 10th and have surgery on my mouth scheduled for Aug. 17th. Pray I will heal well and quickly as school starts the 23rd.

    1. Thank you. It is wonderful to see family. I also enjoy getting to spend time with Steven’s family as well. I’ll be praying for healing for you. Safe travels. šŸ™‚

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