Our Eat from the Pantry Meals {Or} No Spend Month Menu

I’ve written a post on our plan to eat from the Pantry for the month of May. In that post I mention our goals, how we used up our frozen and cold foods and whether it was a success.

Part of the planning for using up our food was to create a menu and follow it.

Here are my meals I planned in April. Changes will be in italics.

One thing to note, this only includes the main meal for each day, we do eat other meals, but most lunches are left-overs and most breakfasts are toast or eggs so they don’t really count for using meat.

May 1st Chicken tenders (leftovers) and sides Lamb soup for dinner. 

May 2nd Lamb soup leftovers Chicken roast and veggies

May 3rd Meatloaf or Lamb chops  Lamb soup

May 4th Bible Study at Dad and Mum’s

May 5th Lamb chops or spaghetti bolonaise  helped with in-laws so they fed us

May 6th  Homemade Pizza (my crust and whatever toppings we have on hand), make one and freeze one  Lamb chops

May 7th -Freezer meal- Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

May 8th Mother’s Day, church and time with Steven’s family leftovers for dinner

May 9th Lasagna

May 10th Potato and Bacon soup and biscuits   Lasagna leftovers

May 11th Bible Study at Dad and Mum’s

May 12th Hamburgers/Risolles  Lasagna

May 13th Pizza (frozen from before) Fish

May 14th Fish and Rice Birthday dinner for a family member at Steven’s parents

May 15th Something with Chicken (cheesy chicken and rice casserole)

May 16th Sausages   Spaghetti  

May 17th Fried Rice   Sausages

May 18th Bible Study at Dad and Mum’s   Away

May 19th Shepherd’s Pie or something with Mince  Away

May 20th Fish n’ Chips (my style, homemade fries and baked fish)  Away

May 21st French Toast  Away

May 22nd Potato and Bacon Soup and biscuits or cornbread  Away — Then home after church. Dinner in Steven’s uncle’s home.

May 23rd Something with Chicken  Meatloaf

May 24th Stuffed Capsicums (Peppers) or something  Fish

May 25th Bible Study at Dad and Mum’s  Birthday dinner for a family member at Steven’s parents.

May 26th Lamb Chops We invited a lot of the family to come over and help us use up food. Menu: Lamb chops, rissolles, all our veggies steamed and roasted. 

May 27th Fish  Left-overs, meatloaf

May 28th Leftovers  Pizza

May 29th Pantry feed, tuna or sardines or creamed corn on toast   Pizza leftovers

May 30th :Leftovers, clean out   meal at Steven’s parents

May 31st Leave for the USA


We almost used up our meats and frozen stuff.

Having a plan is great, but it doesn’t always work. We had several last minute changes and we were away for several days near the end but it worked out to have family members come help us eat most of it up.

We saved money.

We came home to a clean fridge and freezer.

Hope you got some meal ideas from my list,



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