Where have I been? And a funny story about our luggage….

We’ve just been back from a trip. (Well, it’s been a week of catching up since we got home.) Many of you have gathered that we’ve been away if you follow my facebook page.

It was an exhausting trip. It was wonderful to see family I haven’t seen for almost two years. A time to meet my nephew and play with my niece. Did I mention it was wonderful to see people?

Waiting for our flight from Sydney

We crammed a lot into a month’s time. You’ve not heard from me, because I didn’t have consistent internet and I was focused on other things.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of what we did while we were away.

We stopped overnight in Gettysburg, PA on the way south from NY.

We spent time with my parents. Then drove up to NY state to see my mom’s parents. We stayed with a cousin and I enjoyed getting to know her better. I learned a lot about my family’s history. I was glad to visit with my uncle and his wife and kids. I enjoyed playing with them. We picked my sister and her family up from an airport so they could see the grandparents too. We saw some distant cousins and made more connections with family that was unknown to me.

We travelled back to NC from NY with my sister and her family and we spent time with my parents and my dad’s parents. The grandkids played and frolicked. Real life is so much better than Skype.We spent time with some of my mom’s cousins, we met some friends on the way through a city. We met with my grandmother’s aunt for a time.

Irises in my parent’s flower garden

My parents rented a cabin in Eastern Tennessee where we relaxed and read books and watched the kids play and my brother-in-law and niece did some fishing. We did some touristy things, but mostly we relaxed. Not sure where I missed the memo but I got a throw-up bug in there too. We saw my aunt and her family. We enjoyed some special meals all together.

We spent time in my dad’s church and fellowshiped with some dear people, most were involved in our wedding. I greatly admire those people and it was a blessing to spend time with them again. Steven was able to bless them by playing the piano for a few services since their normal pianist was away.

Mountain Laurel

My parents had a few projects they asked us to help them complete. I helped organise some toy bins, cleared out a closet (of my junk, sorry, it got displaced, not completely discarded). I also mended a stack of books for my dad and painted a sign for my grandfather. My hubby helped my dad with some difficult projects, mainly cleaning out guttering and installing mesh to keep the gutters clear. They also installed a roof on a shed, worked on tractors, digging stuff, spraying blueberries, setting up a greenhouse and many other projects.

Enjoying wildflowers


It was a good time with family. I enjoyed the summer weather. We’re now back home, and in winter. I’m finally not feeling cold. I reckon my blood thinned out while we were away.

Steven and Me.

We had no troubles in flights or connections. There were some delays but we had enough margin in our lay-overs that there were no problems. Until we got to Sydney.

Remember I promised a funny story? Well, here it is. 

We landed in Sydney and made our way through customs and got our bags, counted them up and everything. Oh, I should mention we had been told to gate check a bag that was supposed to be a carry-on (when we boarded in Charlotte). So we go to the domestic transfer area and we start to re-check our bags for our flight onto Canberra. Also, don’t forget we’ve been travelling a long time. We’d gotten up early on the 29th of June, boarded our flight in Charlotte a bit after 3pm, then we had a lay-over in Dallas and then a 17 hour flight to Sydney, so we are a bit tired at this point. I’d slept some on the plane so it wasn’t too bad, but evidently I wasn’t as awake as I thought I was… We start to check our bags for our last flight and I wanted an extra shirt from our carry-on bag that we had gate-checked in Charlotte. So I open it up- and it wasn’t our bag. Same fabric. Same design. Same brand. Just different label and different contents. Oh no. We checked our other bags then quickly rushed back towards the international gates and tried one baggage service place, they sent us to another and after probably a 15 minute wait a dear lady traded the bag we took by mistake with ours. Now when we grabbed that bag originally, I noticed it was missing the ribbon I put on the handle, but I just assumed it had fallen off in handling… I was kicking myself for not double checking when we got it from the carousel. Oh well, we had the right bag with the ribbon still on it, but we still had to make it to our flight… so we ran back to the domestic transfer area, we went through security (not as big a deal in Australia… leave your shoes on, walk through a basic metal detector…) and waited for a bus to take us to the domestic terminal. On the bus Steven got a call from the gate, asking us if we still wanted to fly to Canberra. He replied yes, and we’re on the transfer bus. They held the flight for us, and we were the last on-board. Sorry to everyone else that had to wait an extra five-ten minutes for us.

Moral of the story? Check and re-check your bags to make sure they are truly yours. 🙂

Thanks for coming with me as I recount some of what we did this last month.

I’m hoping to share much more with you soon,


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