Overcoming Doubts in Writing

IMG_8335 overcoming doubts in writing

Last week was hard. I kept crying over little and big things.

Maybe it was because my husband and I had our first night apart. (long story, but we weren’t mad…)

Maybe it was because I was tired.

Maybe it was because I was near people I used to work with and it brought back both good and bad memories.

Maybe it was because I was feeling overwhelmed with the project I had given myself to do. (repair church hymnals… 55 to do in three days.)

Maybe it was because my back was hurting, and neck and arms and head.

Maybe it was because I was reminded of some people who have gone through some rough patches, and I was crying empathetic tears.

Maybe it was because I’ve been through some hard things in the last few years and sometimes I’m okay to talk about the hard things, and other times if I try to share the lessons I’ve learned or am learning or need to learn, tears accompany the words.

Maybe it was because I can’t get away from some ideas and projects that simply overwhelm me.

Why was it a hard week? Probably all of the above and one more: I was doubting in some way or another of all those reasons mentioned above.

Maybe I should add here that I am participating in the Writing Contest: Writers Crushing Doubt. Hosted by Positive Writer. – See more at: http://positivewriter.com/writing-contest-2016/#sthash.Nj9JlOID.dpuf.

Doubts. I have them about a lot of things. This contest is to write on doubt in writing. It’s more than just writing for me. Doubt is also worry. My pastor has been preaching that worry is a sin not trusting God. It’s dwelling on untruth rather than on who God is, and what He has promised. I have plenty of doubts. How to overcome? By daily giving them to God and being in God’s Word daily.

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Philippians 4:6

Last week was hard. Everything worked out in one way or another, even heard some wonderful testimonies of how the Lord is working in other’s lives.

Was it hard because my husband and I had our first night apart? My husband joined me after he finished work, so we were together again. And everything was better.

Was it hard because I was tired? Once our tasks were completed, I slept more soundly. Still catching up though.

Was it hard because I was reminded of both good and bad memories? We made new memories this time and even new friends, the bad memories will fade as they need to and as I learn more about the Lord.

Was it because I was feeling overwhelmed? The project is done. It was completed in good time, and I’m happy with the results. Still a little bit to do, but nothing like I had to do last week.

Was it hard because my back was hurting, and neck and arms and head. Some dear friends allowed me to use their electric back massage chair. My back went from aching-so-much-I-felt-like-crying to actually feeling relaxed and up to an evening with friends. 

Was it hard because I was reminded of some people who have gone through tough times? There’s still the pain, but those people showed such a grace and strength in their leaning on the Lord in their hard times, it was a reminder to me to do the same.

Was it hard because I’ve been through some hard things recently? A dear lady shared with me that God walks us through hard things, and that He wants us to be dependent on Him- for everything.

Was it hard because I can’t get away from some ideas and projects that simply overwhelm me? I’m working on the ideas and trying to sort out what needs to come first. Which writing project and how to accomplish it, as well as other tasks that are on my heart to do.

But was last week horrible? No. I enjoyed time with friends, saw some beautiful things and learned many things. I was able to share my skills as a book binder and I was reminded that God is taking care of all our needs.

Why did I doubt? A lot of reasons, but for the sake of the contest on how “I’ve overcome doubts in writing”, I’ll focus on the fact that I’m doubting in my skills and abilities as a writer. 

I’m not good with grammar. I’ve been told that I’m wordy and use strange sentence patterns. I’m not “experienced.” I don’t have much of a” following” or anything amazing to say. I’m not techy to make this blog thing work. I get overwhelmed with these goals to write and strive to put ideas out there where there are already so many books. Who would want to read what I write?

All that said. I can’t get away with this urge to write. To get my thoughts onto the screen or paper. I’m not writing every day. (my goal) I’m not writing as much as I want to (consistent scheduled time to write each day). But, I’m doing a little at a time, and I’m sitting here writing this. I call that progress. For me the more I practice, the more progress I’m making.

Have I overcome doubts (past tense)? Not yet. But I’m giving them to God, and I’m working slowly on my goals (the ones God gave me) and hopefully someday can complete them and work on new ones.

This blog is part of reaching my goals. It’s a place where I’m trying to consistently share some content, that will in the long run, help the other goals.

Do you have any doubts? Are you a writer? You can check out the contest host and find some resources on writing here: Positive Writer. I’m also learning a lot from Jerry B. Jenkins, Christian Communicators and a bunch of others.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.




5 thoughts on “Overcoming Doubts in Writing

    1. Hi, Thank you for the nomination. 🙂 I’ve been sitting on it the last few days and I’m afraid I’ll still have to sit on it a bit longer, but will try to follow through very soon. Thank you. 🙂

  1. Wow, honey, wish I could hug you right now. I appreciate your transparency and thank the Lord for the lessons you are learning and sharing. As for your doubts about writing, I have two comments: 1) you have lots of wonderful ideas and this post expressed them creatively — not just in word choice, although that was good, but also in how it was organized. I was impressed. Not just anyone can do that. And 2) lots of writers aren’t great in grammar, but they get their creative ideas down, wait a day or two, then go back over them. You can improve sentence structure, word choices, spelling, punctuation, etc. When unsure about usage, it’s ok to look it up!! You can do it online now. Grammarly is often helpful. Spellchecking in your document software can also be useful, but do not have it set to change words automatically, as it can do some weird stuff. It doesn’t catch everything, especially homophones, so don’t rely on it overmuch. For something to be published to a larger public, you can ask an English-grammar-word-nerd among your family or friends to proofread for you. I know you know several people who can help!

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