January, where did the month go?


We’re already started into February and I feel like yesterday was Christmas. A few recent things for us: there’s an upcoming wedding in the family, we just bought a new mattress for our bed and that it’s been a bit hot here in Canberra.

Our usual happenings go on as usual as Steven goes to work, I stay home and do homemaking things, read, write, craft and putter with my garden pots.

Something for which we are very grateful is my spousal visa has been granted. We’ll now have to wait a few years before I can apply for permanent residency. At least now it’s official that I can stay in the country.

Steven found a used recumbent tricycle and was riding that to work 2-3 times a week. (It’s a 17 km ride.) A few days before Christmas he “stacked” it and it’s now down for repairs. We’re hoping to get it fixed soon so he can be back and on it again.

Steven built a lovely frame to hold a full-length mirror for my Christmas gift. I love it. Now my job is to prime and paint it. Before he built it, our only mirror was in the bathroom. Yes, he got a lot of brownie points. 🙂

On Christmas Eve we had our church carols night. I had written a short narrated script, our Sunday school kids were to sit at a manger while the Christmas story (mostly from Luke) was read. Then one girl (dressed as a shepherd) came forward after she heard of the Messiah from the angels. The Plan didn’t happen. It did go well. Our “Mary” and “Joseph” weren’t able to be there because their mother was in labour with their baby sister that night. So it was narrated and the shepherd came to see the baby (doll) in the manger, even though there were no “Mary or “Joseph”.

Sunday school has just started back since schools started last week. While we were on break I gathered materials for our year and have made a notebook of resources for the teachers to use as we teach through the Life of Christ. I’m excited to have the outline and lessons picked and it should be simple for each teacher to make the needed copies each week. Everything should be there for each lesson. I used a combination of reproducible teaching books and colouring books. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve got a stack of biographies I want to read, along with many other Bible study or related books. I’m hoping to improve my writing skills this year. I also enjoy learning more about organisational systems and purging/decluttering tips. I’m still unfortunately a hoarder of memorabilia and the random things that could be re-purposed. I do hope to clear out, sell or donate some more bits and pieces as the year progresses.

The Lord is very gracious to us and we’re very grateful for his protection, provision and leading.

Every blessing to you,



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