Snapshots – Snow and a Critter

In August last year (2015) we had snow falling outside our home. It wasn’t for long. Maybe about 40 minutes, but it was a fun thing to enjoy snow actually falling here where it rarely snows. 🙂

Later that day I met my husband at his work and we went up into the hills to see if we could see more snow.


We drove to a place we could pull over and took a little walk through a bit of the crunchy, fluffy cold stuff. We enjoyed the peacefulness of the mountain. It was after hours, so traffic was minimal. If we had been up there earlier in the arvo (afternoon) the road would have been busy with snow revelers. That mountain has a snow play area, and are the closest “resort” in our area.

P1060424 Here I am very excited to be in the snow, with it falling gently around us. Steven took a small video of me waving my arms and excitedly saying “Snow!” I didn’t haven anything else to say so the video is more funny at my lack of words than anything. And no, I won’t include it here.

Steven formed a snowball and hit me with it. The snow was of a nice consistency but I wasn’t dressed for crawling on my knees to roll balls for a snowman or anything, so we didn’t do any “play.”

It was a nice afternoon.

A few weeks before the above story occurred, we tried to find snow and we didn’t find any- it had melted off. But, we did see this shy creature. It is a rare sight to see a live wombat. It was rambling next to a fence that ran parallel to the road. What fun. I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to get a great picture, but here is what we did get.


Most of the time you see wombats as roadkill and quite forlorn. This guy didn’t like it when we stopped, so he quickly disappeared over the hillside, but we were excited to see one alive and kicking.



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