Heaven has gained two more for God’s glory this week.

On October 4th, Pasteur Maxime Rioux passed into eternity. I’ve always looked up to him. He was a bit forbidding for me when I was a young child. He had a big laugh and could talk to anyone. The most I heard of him and his preaching was his ability to share the gospel with anyone and everyone at anytime. He had such a passion for souls and such a gift of witness.

Yesterday, October 7th, Pasteur Paul Pelletier went to be with the Lord. He too was a man I looked up to with the greatest respect and appreciated his ministry with young people (he developed a kids club program and was full of energy). His desire to grow a church in the city of Laval and his witnessing was always a challenge to me to do more. I’ve spent time in his church many times through the years, often when I needed a place to stay while doing something (visa paperwork, returning from an overseas trip etc.) in Montreal. His church people opened their homes to me and there are many dear friends of mine in his church. His influence in his church was phenomenal. When he got cancer several years ago, he embraced it with joy and showed such a faith through many years of battle with the disease. He kept preaching and kept praying and singing and sharing God’s love and hope despite the hardship.  He embraced the idea of living in light of dying. He didn’t fear death, he just hoped he would accomplish as much as he could before going to be with the Lord.

I’m a bit overwhelmed in how these two men influenced my life and I’m thankful for their example of faith and their passion for souls. Both leave children and wives, both leave grandkids/kid. Both leave legacies of ministry and of course a few mistakes but I don’t think they matter so much in light of eternity. I think the Lord has blessed and guided and led these two men. They both were willing to be used of him, and did it the best way they could. What more does God ask of me?

Jean 14: 1-3 Que votre coeur ne se trouble point. Croire en Dieu, et croyez en moi. Il y a plusieurs demeures dans la maison de mon Père. Si cela n’était pas, je vous l’aurais dit. Je vais vous preparer une place. Et, lorsque je m’en serai allé, et et que je vous aurai prepare une place, je reviendrai, et je vous prendrai avec moi, afin que la ou je suis vous y soyez aussi.

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