Spring is Here.

I love spring. When I was growing up in Eastern Canada, spring didn’t come in April as early most places in North America. Spring was in May, even late May. My birthday is in May, so I’ve always looked forward to my birthday and looked forward to more time out-of-doors . Snow piles take a long time to melt when they don’t get much sunshine, so as my birthday neared, I’d go outside, still in warm jacket and armed with a shovel to chisel a bit off the snow pile. I hacked and pounded that pile to break it up into small chunks of ice/snow that would melt more quickly.

My goal? I wanted all the snow in our yard to be gone by my birthday. It was a silly goal perhaps, but one I stuck to for years. And when I went to university, my mother continued my passion for abolishing the snow pile by my birthday for me. Now in Canada where we lived, early May was “spring” but we could still get a dusting of snow, and it wasn’t planting season yet. We had to wait until early June for somethings, and late June for other plants to flourish and not perish with frost.

Those early days for me of gardening have left me with a passion for plants and nurturing growing things. Now, our seasons are back-to-front from those I had growing up. Spring is here, but it is early September.

Seedlings and soil bring me much joy. Not sure why.

I love seeing blossoming plum, prunus and other decorative trees in brilliant colour. It is so nice to have colour again where it had been drab and dreary before. For weeks now the wattle trees and bushes have been colouring roadsides in brilliant yellow.

Today I planted some seeds for some tomatoes and a few other vegetables. I’m not sure how they will go this year, but I have hopes. I enjoy watering and nurturing the plants, my geraniums, my graviliea and my rose-bush.

Many of my friends in North America are starting school, or about to start back to school rituals and events. I somehow think it’s an interesting parallel that school is like spring. New opportunities, new lessons to learn.

I’m praying for the educators and students to be willing to learn truth and true discernment in those lessons.

Happy Back to school for those returning to classes! 🙂


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