Returning from a trip



We are back from our week of adventuring and we really enjoyed our time away. It was a bit chilly, but we enjoyed it. In retrospect, here are some comments from how we planned and packed, and then a few more things I didn’t mention before.

Plan outfits/clothing 

This surprised me but our outfits were just enough. I’ve got a huge pile of laundry in our washing area, but I didn’t overpack this time which makes me happy.

Check technology

We thought we had all the cords, but I had grabbed one that didn’t work for our phones, so we charged them in the car. Not a major drama.

Stuff to do

We took too many books, but that was okay, we enjoyed picking what we felt like reading, rather than having to stick to certain books. I finished an embroidery project, and worked on a bit of a cross-stitch piece I’m slowly completing.

Important stuff: ingredients for our meals

We did end up ducking into the shops a few times for a few items, such as eggs since I ended up doing more baking than I anticipated. We had variety and the meals were simple and yummy. The only issue was getting used to a different oven.

Prep the house

I didn’t mention my watering plants before we left, or leaving blinds in one window open. I wondered if we would have mail piled up, but there wasn’t much when we got home.

Time away and return

Over all it was a very nice time away. While we were there, we did several of the same routines we do at home, dirty clothes in a laundry bag, cleaning up the kitchen after most meals and because it’s a house that doesn’t have a caretaker, the guests need to leave it as clean as they find it. So we vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen as we packed to leave. Our last night I packed up the clothes and most of the kitchen stuff, so the morning was mostly cleaning and gathering cold food and loading the car.

When we got home we unloaded the car and I put cold stuff away. I like to get the house back to normal as quickly as possible, and in our stage of life right now, it works for us to do that. We just left the laundry bag in our laundry area. By bedtime I had mostly put all food stuff away, done a load of washing (laundry), the suitcase was unpacked and items put away. There still is the pile of books and my handbag and the cooking items we keep in our camp gear that are still out, but a good part of what we took had been “homed”. That was nice to get away, enjoy the sea, beaches and open spaces, then return to our normal routine refreshed.


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