Prepping for a trip


(This is being posted just as we are about to come home. I’ve written this and set it to post while we’re away….)

Just wanted to pop in and say I’m very thankful for my husband. We’re going away for a few days for our first year anniversary. We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, and I’ve been planning meals/packing or prepping stuff for a few weeks now.

Just because I’ve got a lot of the planning/preparation for a trip away still fresh in my mind, I’ve got a few things that help me prepare for travel.

Our adventures together

1. Plan outfits/clothing 

I set out number of needed underclothing and sets of pants/shirts for both of us. I counted out one extra outfit each, hoping that I’m not over packing (my usual habit).

2. Check toiletries bag

We have a toiletries bag that just stays packed, I took a few minutes to check that we have what we need. Only needed to pack the things we use daily when we got dressed on the day we leave.

3. Check technology

We have cords and chargers together for cameras and computer. I’m hoping not to use the computer or phones much.

4. Stuff to do

My family used to laugh at me as a child. I’d have a backpack or totebag full of stuff then I’d stuff my pillow case as well for our long car trips as a missionary kid. Hmm I don’t use pillow cases quite like I used to, but I still pack a bag or two of stuff to do. 

We have a stack of dvds to watch, books to read and I have some hand sewing projects and my sketchpad and writing notebook. I also have some baggies I hope to gather beach finds into when we take walks…

5. Important stuff: ingredients for our meals

I made a list of simple meals that we can prepare while we’re away and so I shopped for extra of those things, and checked the pantry for what we had on hand. We made a quick shopping trip last night and stocked up on a few things.  A lot of stuff is frozen and we’ll just use a cooler for getting to our destination and then use things as we feel like it. I think I probably have too much packed for food as well, but for this trip we have the room, and it’s cheaper to bring our own than run to the local shops that might not have the sale prices I tried to use. I’ve been trying to be very careful with our food budget, so I didn’t want to blow it all on this trip. The kitchen is fully stocked with “tools” but they are mostly cheap and not very effective, so I have my camping knives packed and a basic fry pan, sauce pan, mixing bowl, peeler and can opener. I’m hoping we have everything.

Menu options for our trip:

Spaghetti (frozen sauce) and pack of noodles

Cooked chicken (frozen) with salad fixings

Sausages (frozen) and home baked fries

Lamb chops (frozen) and roasted vegs

Bacon and eggs or pancakes

Sandwiches or leftovers for lunches and we have plenty of bread for toast for brekkies (breakfasts).

Dessert is jelly (jell-o) and cake mix to bake when we get there.

We have a few bags of chips and lots of fruit and treats for nibblies.

I checked, everything that needs to be cold will fit in the cooler.

6. Pack bedding/linens needed

We’re staying in a holiday home so we need to take our own bedding and towels and other needed things. We also packed some space heaters. In the morning we’ll pack our pillows and last minute things.

7. Prep the house

When I was growing up we would travel quite frequently, and I’ve got a few things I tend to do before I go on a trip. I try to leave things clean so we come home to a clean place. We’ll do all the dishes, I’m about to sweep floors and wipe down surfaces in the bathroom. We’ve caught up on laundry. In the morning we’ll empty the rubbish. Steven loaded the car the night before. There’s just a few things to tidy up in the lounge room.

I’m hoping to be able to share a few of our adventures from this trip and some other recent activities. We have pictures from our snow adventure a few weeks ago so hopefully you’ll see that soon.

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