School Camp Memories (3)

Here are some of the highlights from my last school camp.

  • The last camp I organised was to Canberra. That was a bit tricky since we were to be staying with friends of mine, but they were also my future in-laws. My students were thrilled to spend time with my fiance. I had booked most of the visit many months before I had even started dating Steven, so we had plently of opportunities to live our guidelines from our courtship. (My students were fascinated by my having a boyfriend/fiance. I felt it was important to be examples to them in my interactions with Steven.) We went to the Australian War Memorial and witnessed the closing ceremony, heard the playing of the Last Post and singing our Anthem, Advance Australia Fair. We also visited the Old and New Parliament Houses of Australia during that trip. We made a few stops at some local parks, and visited the welcome centre and fun playground of the National Arboretum. We had a very fun and memorable camp. I was in a bit of a fog during that camp because of my shoulders, neck and back aching so much, there are parts that I don’t quite remember, and was thankful for my coworker who was also our driver and our host family’s involvement in supervising my students.
Hall of Honour at the Australian War Memorial
  • The War Memorial was moving. The Parliament House provided them with some more concrete understanding of our nations government.

    Australian New Parliament House
  • One of my girls went to reach under a bunk bed in the “girls’ room” because she thought her shoe was under the bed. It wasn’t her shoe, but the cords that were dangling under the bed that normally would hold the electric blanket in place on the mattress. She was startled and thought it a great joke on her.
  • Another student thought some fabric was her classmate’s pant leg, come to find out, it wasn’t a pant leg but her sleeping bag.
  • At the oval one of my boys, who also plays rugby was so excited about playing in an open space, and not having to play a specific game shouted out “I want grass stains!” He promptly slipped and skidded on the grass.
  • Another boy who was enthusiastically jumping around in the grass slipped and fell. His reaction was “I cracked something, but I’m fine!”
  • My class loved their “Vans” shoes. One boy brought three pairs I think and would change frequently throughout the day. It taught me that even at 9-12 kids have preferences for fashion. Sometimes to even wearing a different colour on each foot.
  • I think someone found an aeroplane kit at one of the gift shops on our tours, and on the bus ride home, we had some model aeroplanes flying around in the bus. I don’t remember, but evidently I threw the plane once, and almost hit our driver. Oops.
  • The kids loved the views and open spaces in Canberra. I do too. I hope it helped them have a greater appreciation for our country.
Australian War Memorial

It was a good camp in bringing our class together just as we finished the school year. I’m very grateful for our hosts :), and the places we were able to visit.

Thanks for reading,


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