School Camp Memories (2)

I’ve shared memories from my first school camp in my last post, this time I’m sharing the second camp memories.

  • Our camp trip in 2012 was to Bathurst, a gold mining area during the hay day of Australia’s gold rush over a hundred years ago. We went to a site that does school functions and explains and help students to be able to imagine what it was like to be a miner, living in the rough, the poverty and the desperation. There were strict laws and life was very hard. I think our tour guide helped my city kids understand a bit about rough life in the bush. We made damper bread and roasted it over a fire. Each student had a stick to roast his/her bit of dough on over the coals. It’s much harder to do than roast marshmallows…  Our guide poured golden syrup over our finished piece of bread, and smeared it on our hands. (rather icky since our hands weren’t the cleanest) The flies were everywhere. It wasn’t easy to keep clean. I don’t think my students went back to modern life quite the same.
  • The kids were able to experience working in a blacksmith shop and creating something with iron.
  • Our guide directed my class to work together to form a brick that could be baked. Unfortunately, after all the work had been done to mix the clay and scrape the top nicely, one of my boys accidentally stepped in our “finished” brick. Oh dear. The rest of the class showed their disfavour. It was quite humorous even with his mishap.
  • We got so filthy going around the site.
  • We tried to pan for gold. But we weren’t very successful.
  • Our accomodations were perfect, a large mansion had been converted into a conference/camp centre. The owner provided a spontaneous horse ride to the students, and provided delicious meals. Even allowing us to make our own lunches for our days around Bathurst.
  • We finished our visit with a trip to a mineral museum. It was really fascinating to see some of the large nuggets and gems in the collection there.
  • It was a blessing for me to have one of our mothers along for the trip, so supervision and such was much easier.
  • On our return home, we stopped at a playground/rest area, and discovered a bridge that had chimes in the boards. One of my girls’ memory of that trip was the fun they had jumping on the chimes, making music.
  • There was a flying fox (zip line) at one of the parks. One boy’s memory was of four boys crowding onto the seat to ride the zip line.
  • One boy remembered scaring another boy so much that he squealed. We had to do some peacemaking a few times.
  • In the evenings, I’d slip out and enjoy the beautiful sky full of stars. It was an awesome experience, since we were staying out in the country, far from lights. We could see many stars that we wouldn’t usually see in Sydney.
  • Our driver, and Pastor shared messages on the Lost things in Luke. He suggested that some could act out the story of the Prodigal Son. Our boys took on the challenge, and they were amazing at their insight and skills to recreate the story. We were laughing so hard and they portrayed it very well.
  • As we neared Sydney, we traveled through the Blue Mountains and were delayed over an hour because of a fatal car accident. We were very grateful for safety and God’s provisions for our travels.

I’m grateful for that trip. We all enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading,


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