Little Blessings (8)


Yes, things got a bit busier but I also haven’t had “inspiration to write” either in the last week and a bit. I’ve been thinking of a lot of things and keeping my hands busy. I will try however to make this blog a more weekly thing, for maybe every Friday?

Some recent projects:

Crocheting some tiny baby sweaters/jumpers for cousins, and friends’ babies. I’ve also made some more projects, such as a few aprons, coasters, several more baby blankets and a couple of larger quilts (lap size, then a bit bigger.) I’ve done some work on making Christmas stockings for my sister’s family, but I’m having issues with the pattern (pattern isn’t big enough for what I’m trying to make, so adjusting it didn’t work…)

I’ve done some research on ideas for our Christmas play. (Narrated scene for four children) and done a bit of freshening up my garden (re-potting and trimming my veranda plants).

A few thoughts on sewing: Even if you think you’re threading the cotton thread through as the sewing machine manual tells you too, you might still be doing it wrong. I finally signed up for the “free lesson” I was given when we bought my sewing machine. I went to the store with a list of things I was struggling to get done/do on my machine.

I was winding the bobbin wrong, and placing the bobbin in it’s casing thingy wrong. What surprises me is how well the machine has worked for over 6 months even with me doing things wrong. Even though I had read the manual many times.  The store clerk was very helpful and we read the manual together for longer than my half-hour session called for. She went over and above what was needed and was very helpful. She saw the walking foot balk and refuse to work properly. So that’s a mini blessing. The store is giving me a new walking foot. I just have to go pick it up. Since the store is across town a bit, I’m waiting for another excuse to go over there…. but I am anxious to finally get to use a working even feed foot. 🙂

Okay now for the next little blessing:


I’m really thankful for audio books/music cds/sermons/podcasts and radio streaming. These various forms of media help me pass the time throughout the day and keep me motivated in my cleaning/laundry/ironing/purging or sewing/craft projects.

Our church has a radio program one night a week. We aren’t “local” enough to pick it up on our radio, but we listen to it with online streaming. It’s a blessing to know the Gospel is reaching people through radio in our church’s area.

My dad has a daily (week day) radio message for about 5-7 minutes every morning soon after the 8 a.m. news. He is able to reach his local community with this ministry. He used to get up really early sometimes to record several sessions. Now he mostly records them on a little recorder, downloads them and emails them to the station. So it’s a bit more convenient. He’s been doing that ministry since sometime in 2008 I believe.

During my time in Bible college, I had a clock radio. My poor roommates. They probably got tired of the classical music that would stir me deeper to sleep rather than awaken me. I did find it a blessing to be able to listen to music while I studied later in the day… even if the music didn’t help me wake up. Our radio still does that to me. I normally don’t hear it until at least 10 minutes after it starts to play. I normally miss the news, but end up hearing it when a strange track comes on that sounds more like noise, than “classical” on our classical station.

Growing up I loved to read (still do) but if I had anything I was doing that kept me moving rather than sitting, I liked to listen to something, sermons, music, old-time radio stories, or Adventures in Odyssey and Children’s Bible Hour tapes. Where I grew up in Canada, there was no Christian radio so we tended to collect anything we could that we could use as our own resource, since the local library only sourced French materials. When we got high speed internet, I remember discovering that some USA- based Christian radio groups had online streaming. Somehow we always had some delay so streaming didn’t really work that well in those days, but after Uni (college) and I was teaching in NC, I started into listening to streaming more and more often. (WMUU and BNN and sermon audio of pastors I know) are the main ones I use.

Since I’ve been here in Australia, finding new cds of music is much harder and my quick perusal of our local library’s collection of audio books is very lacking, but with borrowing audio discs and tapes from my in-laws and using streaming, I’m enjoying heaps and heaps (or bunches or myriads or something!) of various sources of food for thought.

With all those blessings about media, or audio I guess. I need to add that I’m not that brave. I go to places I know I’ll find good content. I’m picky. I was raised Fundamental Independent Baptist, and I find for our family it’s important to be careful of what we put into our heads, whether it is by reading or listening or watching. I think I learn with a strange combination of audio, visual, kinesthetic and probably bits of all the others too. When I see something, I can’t un-see it. My mind plays the scene over and over again. When I hear a swear word, or see a violent action or anger or “graphic” event, I have a very hard time forgetting it. Because of that I’m grateful my parents set up limits for what we would watch as a family. Now that I have my own family, I’m thankful my husband and I are trying to be careful with what we put in front of our eyes and ears to keep out the rubbish. We don’t own a tv. We do have internet, and computers. We both can access what the other has been doing.  I wasn’t sheltered from history, but was sheltered from a lot of fads and styles and attitudes and a lot of movies. I don’t think that was a bad thing.

I’m grateful for the access and resources I find around us, but at the same time, I learned that I need to listen and process material and sermons and lectures and music and all forms of content with a filter of God’s Word. If those things don’t fit or work with that filter then they aren’t worth my time. Now, that doesn’t work for all things, such a uni textbooks or a teaching website or local newspapers or some news websites. But my point is the need to use discernment in my use of sources, and reading of content. I need to be careful with my endorsement and reflection (pondering) of the content (viewing or hearing).

I don’t know if I’ll keep posting “little blessings” every time, I’m starting to think of other things to share that aren’t necessarily a blessing, more a story or an event. But will share them as I can.

Hoping you’re having a wonderful week.

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