Little Blessings (7)


My blog name is from the shaker song “Simple Gifts” . The lyrics and song itself are more like a folk/dance tune than a hymn. I thought they were a hymn at one time. Then I listened to the words. Wikipedia has a synopsis of the history for the song. It’s more about being free and it emphasises “turning”. I could say that symbolises repentance or something, but I think that’s stretching the song a bit. So unfortunately I can’t say the title or song has much to do with theology. But I took the title and have used it and will continue to use it since I think of simple gifts such as showing kindness, gentleness, patience, friendliness as well as actual gifts of food, or acts of service or other things to give.

A long time ago I realised that I learn best if I break concepts down into simple bites. That way I can grasp even complicated theories (at least I think I used to be able to grasp them…). So, simple truths are important to me as well. Thus, I’m keeping this title, because it’s a way for me to share simple gifts and truths with others. It’s probably also true that I’m a bit of a simple girl. I don’t like complicated things, or confusing things. They overwhelm me. They cause me to panic. (Read that to mean: mathematics, algebra and a lot of physics/chemistry even English such as complicated grammar concepts, and logic, and law, and legislation and so on…. do cause me to panic at times…)

This is a bit of an old blog. I started it when I was student teaching, my last year of college in 2010. Then I continued to blog a bit here and there in my years of teaching. when I had time (read: if felt I could justify writing this rather than prepping lessons or marking work I would write a bit…) I would share news or random thoughts.

Since I’m no longer teaching full-time, I have more time and have had a lot of thoughts pouring out that I’ve felt in need of writing. I’m not sure why I keep thinking of so many things to share other than I like to share things that are important to me.


today’s little blessing is that we have Truth

Truth is important for me. When I find I’ve been lied to, it hurts. I feel deceived. I cry. I struggle to trust again.

Truth comes from the Lord. He gave us truth in His Word. John 14:6 says “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  In Acts 16:29-34 a gaoler asks of Paul “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Paul’s response is to “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”

That is truth to me. Sure we have heaps of complicated concepts and deep, thoroughly studied doctrines, but they are based on simple facts (truths) from God’s Word.

I’m so thankful for the blessing that we have the truth in God’s Word.

-despite the world’s attempts to re-label (marriage, sin, science and history)

-despite the lies that surround us about sin (lies are okay if it’s to protect someone) 😦 I don’t think this is true. A lie is a lie.

-despite the jihadists and violence and media and ever-controlling governments

The truth? God is just. He is Love. He has a plan. He is working out his plan. Christ died and rose again to save those who turn to him and ask forgiveness from their sins. We can trust God to take care of the rest.

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