Little Blessings (5)

Hi Dear Ones,

In March (I think?) a friend from Quebec sent me a message and asked if I could participate with a class project for her daughter. I said sure! So a few weeks later a little Flat Stanley “Clement Applatit” arrived for a very short visit to our nation’s capitol!



Thankful for visits. Even if they are of the inanimate kind. I wrote a short little French letter that shared a few of the differences in food and life we find in Australia compared to Canada, and sent Stanley back to his home. It was a fun little project.


These guys are another kind of visitor. They are Ted (Don Bradman Bear on the left) and Bobby (on the right.) They belong to dear friends. You may recognise them from wedding pictures. These bears have visited me in Canberra, in my Sydney home and in North Carolina. Yes, I like bears. No, I don’t collect them. Well, maybe I do. Even as I love them, I don’t really need more. So yes, I enjoy a few at home, then enjoy the visiting kind as well. They never leave a mess and are very quiet! 🙂

This picture was taken when the bears came for a sleepover to our house, so of course I had to make a tent for them to sleep in… It was quite fun to arrange them and such.

The best thing about this kind of visitor is they don’t stay long, and you don’t have to do a major house clean-up before they come. They don’t care what state the house is in, or how much dust in on the shelves. 🙂 Lest you think I don’t want real people, I do really enjoy having people come to visit as well.

Hoping you’re enjoying the little blessings in life.

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