Little Blessings (4)

Hi Dear Ones,

I’m back with one recent blessing. Steven and I worked with our pastor to organise a youth group activity. Oh so much fun. We had about 8 young people and 7 adults. We went up to Wombeyan Caves – a park with caves and a wonderful valley with a very nice restful area.

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So grateful for our church young people. We had such a wonderful day. We explored “Fig Tree Cave” and the kids took another walk with Steven. Pastor grilled sausages and the kids played around with a football (rugby, not American…) and a volleyball. The Bible study Steven shared was on the Lord’s return and need to be saved.  

Our day brought some memories for me of visiting the caves almost four years ago when I went there with my class on a school camp in 2011. I didn’t really take pictures from inside the cave because I’ve taken many in the past when I went before. And, well, my pictures just don’t do the cave justice.

We enjoyed seeing the formations and changes in the rock and layers. I find the caves amazing in showing God’s creation and His hand in the land. The caves are obviously formed from water and it was great to see and know that some of that was probably from the flood and since then.

The kids were appreciative and since it was the first outing that we had helped with, we weren’t sure how it would go. But it was a great day. Then several of the boys said, “We need to do this again!” 🙂 So now we’re trying to think of what to do next time for another outing.

Steven and I don’t go to youth group because it’s about a 50 minute drive one-way to church, but someday if we live closer to church we’d like to get involved somehow.

For now we’re hoping to do these activities every few months and then get involved with the kids when we see them on Sundays. I’m teaching once a month in Sunday School and thankful for that opportunity.

This last Sunday I sang a church special with two young ladies in our church. We had practiced for several weeks in a row. We sang Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus and I think it went okay. The girls seem to be willing to do it again so maybe next month we’ll do another one. We have a really small church and it being married to the pianist is a major plus for organising church specials. 🙂

I’m hoping to start writing a little play for Christmas to do with our Sunday School kids. So now I’ve got to get busy and work on that. Then we’ll have rehearsals… 🙂

Happy Friday to you all,




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