Little Blessings (1-3)

It’s a rainy and gloomy week. But I was reminded this morning from a dear friend who blogs about her life and weekly favourites that there is much reason for us to be thankful. She’s been posting lovely pictures from her recent vacation. This reminded me of the many pictures I keep forgetting to post of recent events, or maybe not so recent.

I’m only going to include a few, hoping that will keep me accountable to post a few more blessings in a few days, and not make these posts too long…


Johnson family may 31 2015

My sister had a baby boy. So I’m so grateful to have a new nephew! Thomas was born the 19th of May. We’re so thankful for his safe delivery and he is such a cute little bundle. This is a family picture taken a few weeks after Tommy was born.


IMG_8137 IMG_8136 IMG_8045

We bought a new car, way back in February. So to “break it in” we went to the top of Mount Coree. It was a fun day out, probably late February? These were some of the pictures we took while we were out and about exploring some of the Brindebella Mountains. We are very thankful for our car. It’s a Mistubishi Pajero. Steven wanted a 4-wheel drive that he could trust and after a lot of research and some test driving, we traded out our Holden Ute (double cab pick-up) for Page (my nickname for our silver chariot). 🙂



Our pastor is a grounds keeper and is very down-to-earth. He came and lent a hand while Steven and his dad used a hole digger (cantilever thingy -such very technical term!) to make holes for a bunch of the trees and bushes Steven’s mum had to plant on the property closer to church. We’re very grateful for our church and pastor.

Along with that is this family project of building. Steven’s parents are building a house closer to our church and will be moving there once it’s completed. In the meantime, we sometimes go and camp on the property. So sometime in April we went up and stayed the night in his parent’s camping trailer after spending the day digging holes and planting bushes.

I’ll try to see about continuing this little series in the next few weeks or months. I’ve been creating/sewing a bunch of stuff and reading and other odds and ends.

To end, I’m thankful Heaven has another precious gem come Home. I heard on Facebook yesterday that Elisabeth Elliot, one of my favourite authors, had passed “through gates of splendor”. I’m very grateful for her ministry and the books that have helped me through the years. I’m hoping to read more of her books in time to come.

Hoping you are all well,


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