Recent projects….

Dear Friends,

My Christmas present from us was a Skyline 5S Janome sewing machine. Oooh. I love it. At times I’ve told Steven that he would be a quilting widower. Um. Sometimes. Most of the time when he gets home from work I’m ready to stop sewing or haven’t done any sewing that day, but a few times when I was trying to finish something, he’s lost me for a while. My most recent project is a joint effort that my aunt and I did together. My Aunt Betsy gave us a pieced quilt top as our wedding gift. It was easier have it incomplete for us to fit it into a suitcase after the wedding. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and around Christmas I went on a search for wadding/batting and coordinating fabrics for the backing and binding. I’m very pleased the result. It took me about four weeks (a few hours a day for a few days each week) to hand quilt then add the binding.

DSC_0011 DSC_0013 In January I made a baby quilt for my sister who is pregnant with a boy, she’s due in early May. It’s a Winnie the Pooh panel and novelty fabric on the back. I’ve tried to make a label for all the quilts (except for my very first one) that I have given away so far. IMG_8274 IMG_8275 I made a lap blanket for my former housemate, Jieyu. She played the piano for me in a church special over a year ago and she’s a medical doctor graduate from Singapore so I chose fabrics that seemed to suit her. It’s a flip/quilt-as-you-go piece. I just sewed strips to a fleece backing eliminating the need for batting/wadding. IMG_8282 IMG_8283 I found a panel with peacocks on it and the design reminded me of my adopted Grandma M. (grandma of one of my best friends). So I pieced this table runner for her. Both sides are unique, so there isn’t really a front/back. I had trouble quilting it and not going into the fabric design so it’s a bit more fluffy than I would have liked. 1426228664176[1] 1426228663933[1] I’ve also done two little baby projects, both tiny/more for cuddly and snuggly than warmth. This is a little dalmatian one which I hand quilted. It reminds me of my blanky that I dragged around for years as a toddler.IMG_8458 IMG_8459 Then there is this one. It’s a “charm” quilt, only I cut the 5 inch squares from similar fabrics and placed them in a checkerboard fashion (the backing is a wonderful bright orange and I used a fun stitch on my machine to quilt it.) IMG_8461 IMG_8460

This quilt I made to send to a dear friend who is a missionary to Papua New Guinea. She just had a baby boy and I was excited to make this blanket for her. It’s pretty much identical front and back and I quilted it on my machine.


Then I splurged before Christmas and bought my first and only charm pack (5 inch squares) of Christmas fabrics. I cut some more fabrics in similar colours to stretch the choices and made this Christmas quilt to snuggle under with my husband. Problem is, Christmas here in Australia is summertime, so it won’t be “needed” so much, but I do get cold with the air con going sometimes, so I hope to get a lot of use of it. It is backed with fleece so it’s not very thick.


I took these pictures on our verandah today. It’s a gorgeous autumn day in our nation’s capital. I’m really enjoying the sunshine today. This is also my little garden. I have capsicum/peppers growing, parsley, chives, green onions, basil and tomatoes, pumpkin (self seeded), broccoli, cauliflower, onion and silverbeets. My “decorative plants” are a graviliea plant, a rose bush and several geraniums.

IMG_8464 IMG_8463 IMG_8462 It being autumn and we can have some “winter veggies” I’m just getting some seedlings to grow to try that. My tomatoes are near the end, but still have several getting ready to ripen. Some of the older/random projects I’ve done are take an old sweatshirt that I didn’t want to wear but thought the design on the front looked cute, so I turned it into a cushion cover.IMG_8465IMG_8466 Then this is a cross stitch pattern I started a few years ago and finally finished it. Now to figure out how to frame it… IMG_8473 Then before I changed the needle on my machine back in late January I sewed several strands of paper hearts together to make a valentine’s day garland. Once I finished them I changed the needle. The paper dulls the needle so I didn’t mind doing this when the needle needed to be changed anyway. I didn’t just make one garland, I made four garlands. 🙂 They are draped between our lounge/living room windows and our bedroom window. IMG_8472 IMG_8471 IMG_8470

Since I didn’t have a pincushion, I decided to make one and made two since I knew I would often need one near my cutting station (floor) and another one near my sewing machine. These are made out of tins. One is a sardine tin/can and the other is a tuna tin/can. I washed them out really well, then covered them in modge podge and torn up wrapping paper to make the base. When they were dry I used a hot glue gun to glue a fabric ball that was wrapped around a wad of cotton stuffing. The glue was a pain to work with without getting glue on fabric that would show. I used a bit of ribbon around the rim of the can to cover up some of the little problems. I had these Easter pins from my childhood so decided to use them to embellish my little creation.IMG_8474 IMG_8475 IMG_8476

There you go. Recent projects.

In other things, I’ve been trying to do a bit of exercise each day/few times a week. I haven’t noticed heaps of differences, but hoping to keep it up and hopefully get better. My back is overall not aching much, but I am still getting headaches. So working on figuring out some of that.

Thanks for reading, hoping you are all well.

Beth 🙂

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