Wedding pictures

Hello dear ones,

Again, I’ve been silent for several months. Our wedding and honeymoon went well, and we’ve been very blessed. My health is still up and down and I’m struggling with energy and back pains. I do have some things we’re pursuing and trying to get answers.

Our wedding was in the states in August and we are back in Australia in our little apartment. We had an Australian wedding reception in September for our friends and family here to be able to celebrate with us. It is really tiring to have two “weddings”. We wore our “finery” a second time. So it was fun to be able to wear my wedding dress again.

Our photographer for the wedding has pictures in a one drive file. So here is the link for that:

I haven’t done anything with the Australian reception photos or photos that others took. Sometime I may try to add more here.

My focus has been housewife (which I enjoy) and getting our apartment settled and I’m slowly working on thank you notes. With grateful hearts we are surrounded by many friends and family who have showered us with gifts and help. When I’m done with the notes, I’ll try to do more photo printing/posting.

Thank you for your prayers and kindness in so many ways to us.

In Christ,
Beth Messenger 🙂

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