Dear Ones,

I’m sorry I’ve just realized that WordPress is not allowing me to use a “free” blog without questionable ads attached. Since I can’t afford to pay for the upgrade, I’m going to disband/quit using this blog. Please forgive the ads, and know that I won’t post any more from here.

Please contact me if you want to be put on an email list, and I’ll just do a prayer-letter from email from now on.

Thanks for your understanding.


3 thoughts on “ads…

  1. Oh Beth! Too bad, so sad … I just recently started a blog on wp and discovered you! Please add me to your email list. ( I am still learning…and it is quite an education…how all this works, etc. So I’m not into regular posting yet. Hopefully, soon. We will be in touch and fyi, we are, Lord-willing, planning a trip to Australia & New Zealand in 2018. It’s a bit of a story. Sure is interesting that you are working with Sudanese refugees there! (our next door neighbors) 😉

    1. Hi, just saw this. I’m gonna blog some more, Steven upgraded my access to limit/take out the ads.
      I’d love to hear your story, and yes, we should be living in Australia in 2018, so let us know when and we’d love to see you. Also would love to have you come to our wedding, but I think you’re headed back to CAR before August? Think of you guys, Beth:)

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