Dear Friends,

Many of you know that I had decided to extend my visa in order to finish this school year at my school here in Australia. The visa would allow me to teach here even next year… before creeping up again to do more paperwork. So a few weeks ago I had to go through the agonizing process of seeking God’s direction of whether or not I commit to doing the 2014 school year here. I had decided to go back to the states and was completely set on it, and the Lord gave no peace. I cried and prayed through a week-end of soul-searching, and the Lord showed me (I don’t know what it is-) but that He’s not done with me in Australia yet. So I’ve committed to teaching here next year. That means missing home and family more. The distance isn’t just hard on me, my parents and sister suffer too because of the distance. I’m thankful for email, skype and for opportunities to call my sister (like this afternoon). But I’m praying that God will give grace and show me in His time- how I can serve and how He wants me to do His perfect will.

I’m looking forward to the time I do go home for Christmas, which I hope is white, and to seeing my niece and family.

The hardest is knowing that my cousin is getting married in a few weeks and my dad is starting to plant a garden, and I can’t come be a part of any of that. What I am doing though, astounds me.

I teach eleven amazing students- many from ESL families. I have two grades in my class- 5th and 6th. We learn a lot about doing research and writing and maths models and science and life skills and many fascinating things. My students teach me just as much and I try to teach them. I’m involved in a church plant with Sudanese refugees. I have a connection with many of the girls, we talk we play, I have a Sunday School class with bright and lively little ones, and I’m slowly learning to master the piano to help with morning worship. I have wonderful friends and adopted families who include me in birthday and other celebrations. I’m so thankful for those opportunities.

We make so many little decisions each day, do I want to eat this or this for a packed lunch, do I do my washing today or tomorrow (laundry), do I call on this child or that child. I’m thankful that I’m not alone in making those big and little decisions each day. God is there right beside me. I appreciate my parents’ guidance, love and encouragement as I’ve sought to follow the Lord in all things. I do fail to trust, I worry and I spend sleepless nights mulling over things, but God is showing me that He is in control and I’m glad that He is Powerful- and Faithful. What wonderful promises for this teacher to claim for life.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart… so true, and very hard, but as I learn to trust- oh how nice it is to find that I can lean on a Wonderful Saviour!

Please let me know how I can pray for you,

Love in Christ,

Beth 🙂

One thought on “decisions….

  1. Praise God that you let Him be the decision maker. We miss you here, but what God wants too. I know you love both serving God and being with the folks there. He will nourish you in the lonely times, if they come. Thank you for your submission to Him. What a testimony!

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