“shouting” to my sis on her birthday

ImageHello folks,

We’re in our holiday break between terms three and four. It’s a nice change of pace and good to catch my breath.

Today is my sister’s birthday and I wish I could give her a big hug right now. It’s early morning for her, so I hope by the time I post this, she’ll be able to get it in her inbox. I’m very thankful for my sis. She’s smart, she’s patient, she’s my big sister and taught me a lot when we were kids.

She told me that if I walked with my toes curled under my feet that my toes would fall off. She also taught me how to play some things on the piano, and how to fix my hair certain ways and many other early childhood activities.

We used to climb trees together, do somersaults and ride bikes and swim together.

We both learned that some of those things don’t work the way we thought. But we’ve both grown up. At least she is. I think I’m still very much a child at heart.

Meg is an amazing mum, (I’ll use the Aussie spelling) amazing wife and sister. I wish I could shout her a birthday meal. The Aussie term to “shout” someone is to pay for a meal.

Meg, next time we see each other, I’m shouting a meal for you. She is still my best friend and confidant. Even though we live halfway around the world from each other, we try to talk when we can and we share a lot with each other. She is a very accomplished violinist and violin teacher. She is an example to me in how she was willing to trust her hubby and her Lord when it came time to move across the continent from the southern US to western Canada to a place she’d only visited once, and had no permanent place to live and no permanent work while four months pregnant. The Lord provided long term housing and long term job and a wonderful church and adoptive family around them to take care of needs. What an example for faith. Thank you Meg. I’m proud of you.

While on holidays I’m trying to do paperwork for school/plans etc. but also get in some fun things. Yesterday I spent a day at the zoo and beach. I finally got to meet a koala. They do look like bears, but have huge claws. I was surprised at how long they were. I pet two different ones and their fur is think and fuzzy and very soft. My fingers sank deep into the fur and it was so nice. 🙂 Sorry the picture is so fuzzy. Saw lots of other things and fed and patted many a kangaroo. That was a nice way to start the holidays. Now I need to go back to some school work. Just wanted to share a few thoughts and brag on my sis.

Please let me know how I can pray for you.



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