growing close

I know it has been a very long time since I wrote a post. I’ll try to refrain from having such a long lapse again. Thank you for those who have still allowed me to be your friend. 🙂 Since my last post, my niece was born, Christmas passed, school came to an end, I took a holiday trip back to Canada and the US to meet my niece and see family, school started again, we’ve had one ten week term of school, a two-week Easter holiday and then another ten week term. We are now in our winter mid-year-holiday.

I’ve enjoyed some social bits, such as a concert in the Sydney Opera House, a Cirque de Soleil show, Mary Poppins Broadway show, Celtic Thunder show, several explores of downtown Sydney including a ferry ride, and Picasso artwork show and Chinatown.

This is a challenging year as our school seeks to meet a huge government mandated inspection coming in August. We’ve had several steps in an online submission of lesson plans and term plans to submit along with many other administrative details. It’s been a challenge for me to figure out the Australian terminology, plan my daily lessons and do the term programmes/plans to meet deadlines. God is good, and things have come together despite a lot of sleepless nights, or stressful moments.

I’ve not really blogged because it felt like I was procrastinating my lesson preparations in writing a blog. I’m just working on getting through one day at a time. I have a long to do list. 🙂 But I will try to do better. Thank you for those who’ve been praying even without news.

I’ve been adopted by a dear family in the church and school. The M family live near the school and they see my classroom lights in the evenings. Since last November, I’ve started to get calls or phone text messages at various times in the evenings to let me know when to join them for dinner. They invited me to join them for Christmas celebrations, Easter, Mother’s Day and my birthday events. They have four kids, now five (me). 🙂 It is nice to fellowship and visit and play with the kids. One of their boys is in my class. We’ve enjoyed one family trip to Canberra (Australia’s capitol) together, and we hope to make another trip soon.

I’ve picked up knitting (I don’t like it much), but have kept my crocheting as my outlet during these busy/school days. I’ve discovered that I enjoy creating little jumpers (sweaters) for little teddy bears/ other stuffed animals. Working on several things right now.

I’m very thankful for my “family” on this side of the world. I also miss my family on the other side. My niece is 8 months old. My cousin N. and his wife are expecting a little girl. My parents are enjoying being grandparents. My dad’s mom is having some more health problems, struggling at times with confusion. My mom’s parents had a hard time with their health most of January-February even into March. My class and I wrote to my Grandpa for his 76th birthday. He’s a February 29th baby. So he just turned 19. 🙂 I’m glad they’re doing better now.  I wish I could be home to visit with them more. My letter writing has gotten slack, but a bit better than my blob writing. I wish our world was smaller.

I’m helping in a church fellowship with a group of Arabic Sudanese Christians. Sunday mornings we set-up and take down  for services in a public school. I play guitar for our services, and teach Sunday school. It brings back so many memories of growing up in Matane, Quebec and our church planting in New Brunswick. Please pray for this ministry that people would be growing and that the Word of God would be able to challenge us each week. It’s a blessing to visit with the ladies, but sadly I don’t understand Arabic, so I can’t follow their conversations.

Thank you for your prayers. Please let me know how I can pray for you. Pictures will be posted soon.

Love in Christ,


9 thoughts on “growing close

  1. It’s so good to hear from you Beth! I think about you sometimes and wonder what you’re up to. =) How much longer will you be in Australia? I’m a GA at BJ now, and I have a new email, so I’m going to put it in the email subscription. Take care and keep posting! I like your profile picture!

      1. hey! yeah, I’m in the Periodicals Room and working on a Masters in Biblical Counseling. =) Hope you have fun

    1. Hello, Nice to talk to you the other day. I spent yesterday exploring the city with a friend from church. She grew up in what is called the eastern suburbs- far from Bankstown and where I am, so it was nice to see a completely new part of the city. We went to South Head and saw a beautiful lighthouse and down to Bondi and Manly Beaches. Both I guess are world known for surfing. A bit too cold to surf for me at least. Twas a nice day. We took the ferry across the harbour twice and it was so nice to see sunset and everything. Love you too.

  2. When does Australia have a special Aussie Day? We are gearing up for the 4th on Wednesday, but thinking of Canada today, too.
    Lovely to hear from you; thanks for taking the time to write.
    We’re proud of you,
    Love, Mom****

    1. Hi Mum 🙂 Anzac Day = war memorial day is 25th April. Australia Day is 26th January. That’s the big celebration/bbq picnics day. I wore my Canada Hudson’s Bay co. shirt on Monday and I’m wearing red/white and blue today (4th). Will probably try to bake a pie on Saturday. Hope you get to enjoy some fireworks. Love you!

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