One day at a time

Each day is a gift from the Lord, am I using it effectively? My answer to this question depends on many things, but sadly I wouldn’t be able to say “yes” for everyday.

In university I heard that if you added up the thousands of moments of procrastination or laziness, it would add up to years of your life that are wasted. What a scary thought. There is a time for resting, but not so much that things are left undone. I’m talking about cooking, cleaning, maintaining vehicles, and bills. Then for me, my career or job if you will, is a ministry related job involving both a church and school. There are so many factors involved in the discipleship of students. The nurturing of curious minds to learn, explore, describe and interact is a huge job.

Some days we just go through the actions of service, or schoolwork, while other days we are seeking the Lord and really focusing on the day.

I’ve learned and am still learning to seize the teachable moments and seek to inculcate Biblical thoughts and principles in my students. Taking time to discuss ethics and debate right and wrong is important to me because life skills and discernment is necessary to live in our world today.

Philippians 4:4-13 is our scripture passage right now. We’ve had some wonderful discussions concerning thinking on the things that are true, pure, lovely, honest, just and of good report. We’ve also had a focus on doing our best in all things. It’s challenging for me to model the excellence that I expect from my students. This includes communicating with parents, using gentle tones of voice or consistency in procedures.

It comes back to seeking Christlikeness in my a life and knowing that God expects us to our very best for him. What an amazing God we serve, and even when we fail to be careful with our time, or make mistakes, he’s willing to forgive and give grace to overcome the struggles.Because Christ first loved us, we then can be encouraged to want to love and serve him, and in so doing, be effective in our doing, one day at a time. 🙂

any stories on your days?

This is the Day the Lord has made and we have much to rejoice in, as well as much to do. People are dying and going to Hell today. Are we doing something about it?

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