Hello Montreal

Hello Montreal!

Many of you know that I’m in transition mode right now. I just finished a wonderful school year teaching Second Grade at a school in Fayetteville, NC. The Lord is good, and even with my failings/struggles, the kids learned a lot, and I learned a lot from them. I packed up my classroom and left the day after school let out. My students were sort of clingy the last week of school. They were sad about me leaving and I was too, but they will be third graders next fall, and will love their new teacher. I drove away with a very full car, and have moved back to my parent’s place, until July.

You may be wondering why I left, and this is why: I have a wonderful ministry opportunity to teach in Sydney, Australia for two years. I haven’t posted anything in regards to this in a long time, but plans are under way. Time is in the Lord’s hands. I was reading Ecclesiastes that last week of school. There is a season for everything. (Chapter 3)  This is a new season in my life. I’m excited but also scared. Australia is a long way away.

I applied months ago for a visa, and found out that I need a background check to prove that I had no criminal activity during my time growing up in Canada. So I applied by mail. I found out in early May that mail-in requests take four months. After much deliberation, long distance phone calls, prayer and tears I contacted friends in Quebec, bought tickets to fly up to Canada in order to make a request for the background check in person. I was electronically scanned for fingerprints. It can still take a long time, but at least by doing it in person I’d know the request was made, and my forms aren’t lost in a pile somewhere.

I’m writing this in the Burlington Vermont Airport. I flew up to VT Saturday afternoon. A college friend came and took me to Montreal. I was able to stay with a gracious Haitian lady for three nights there. I got to use my French again for church services, and see friends. Monday we braved the metro and downtown Montreal to make my request for the background check. I was told to expect it to take several weeks. I’m praying that it will be much quicker. I know RCMP has it now, while the mail-in request could have been lost. Early this morning my friend took me on the metro to catch a bus back to Burlington. And here I am waiting for my flight back to Dixie (North Carolina). Proverbs 3:5-7 The Lord has perfect plans, I wish I knew why I made this trip up… but God does! It wasn’t as expensive as it could have been, but I do feel like I’ve been a lot of trouble to many folks.

Some other bits of news: My sister Meg, and brother-in-law Duncan Johnson are moving up to Alberta, Canada to help in a Bible college there, and hopefully find a job to stay. Besides the move, my sister is expecting a baby come November. They had the ultrasound recently and baby Johnson seems to be doing fine! 🙂 “Auntie Beth” is really excited, and hoping to come back to this side of the world early January. I’ve started making a cream colored baby afghan to celebrate a coming niece or nephew.

Praises from the last few days and weeks:

  1. Great school year, thanks to the Lord and my coworkers who were willing to encourage a rookie teacher.
  2. My students were a creative, energetic group and I learned a lot of about life from them. I was privileged to lead two of my girls to the Lord, and prayed with two others. What an awesome thing to see the Lord change hearts.
  3. My sister’s baby is coming!
  4. I’m so grateful I found cheap flights to Vermont that were daylight hours that would ease my Dad’s concern for me being by myself in remote parking lots.
  5. Even if they couldn’t make exceptions for me, or help me do the request from stateside, everyone I have spoken with either in Australia, Canada or the USA has been gracious and understanding with my strange dilemma.
  6. Wonderful lady to stay with for the few days in Montreal.
  7. Friend who helped with rides to and around Montreal and the cheap bus back.
  8. It was a wonderful time to see friends in Canada I won’t see again for a long time.
  9. Most importantly I was reminded that the Lord is my Shepherd, and has a perfect timetable/plan for my life.

Prayer Request: That the paperwork would go through quickly so I can get to Australia within a reasonable amount of time to adjust a bit before school starts late July.

Love in Christ, Beth:)

2 thoughts on “Hello Montreal

  1. Wow, Beth, life’s been crazy for you! Thanks for the update–my family and I will be praying for you! So glad you made it to Montreal and back safe. =) Though, I’m sure it’s a small taste of what life in Australia will be like. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!

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