As a class we did read Charlotte’s Web.  We shared moments of radiance, and moments of sadness. I think my kids were shocked when Charlotte dies in the story, and they commented on many parts of the book. I enjoy getting them enthused on reading chapter books. I’ll read a book to them, then leave it around for them to look at and read. It works. 🙂

Second grade is almost done for the year. We have awards banquets, and ceremonies coming up for misc. academic and fine art successes. Our school is abuzz with the last few weeks of classes. It feels like yesterday when I began my first year teaching, and now it is coming to a close. I’ve learned a lot, and can take note on things to better next year in teaching.

I took a few days off teaching to go to my brother-in-law’s seminary graduation. Tonight we attended a commencement play, Pride and Prejudice. P&P has always been a favorite. They had to shorten it in some ways that took away from the original story, however the switches made sense, and ended happily for all. Now Lizzy really looked radiant!

Happy Graduation to the class or 2011!

One thought on “Radiant

  1. Hi Beth:
    As I prepare to leave Thursday for Australia, it crossed my mind that perhaps I’ll see you in Sydney in July? How are things going for you? Would love to hear from you!
    Mrs. Matzko

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