Did you know scorpions are in the same “family” as spiders? they both have abdomens, heads, and eight legs.  We had a field trip today to find out about “Spider Web Wonders.” We went to a local nature park, and heard a fun presentation on spiders. Everyone enjoyed our time learning about spiders, and the picnic afterwards.

Both of those pictures were taken in western North Carolina when I did some lawn work for a friend two years ago. The brown spider one is a six-spotted fishing spider.  The other is a zipper spider, it has a distinct zig-zag in the web. Each is very unique. Isn’t Creation wonderful in showing God’s wonder?

I guess I shall have to read Charlotte’s Web to my class now that we are all interested in spiders. 🙂 Some Pig!

I’m so thankful for friends and encouraging family. I have much to share, but will suffice to say, this school year has been a wonderful opportunity to learn/teach. I’ve enjoyed, been challenged by many Bible studies these last few months, and I’m looking forward to spending time with family next week during my spring break.

Something else I’m very thankful for is my salvation. Christ gave up so much for us, his status as God- to take on the form of a human, he gave his life and shared peace with those who trust him.

The best part of spring is the reminder that He is Risen!

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