Tea Rooms

Since our family is spreading out with my sister and me some distance from our parents, any visit together is wonderful. This weekend, my mom and sister, Meg, came to visit me in Eastern NC. They visited my school, met my students, and saw my classroom. We went to a ladies Bible study. We spent time visiting and talking, enjoying the first meal I’d cooked for them in my “own household.” And, since the coast is only 2 hours away we took off together for Wilmington, NC.

When my sister got married, her rehearsal dinner meal was in a lovely Tea Room. That was still a beginning for us to enjoys Tea Rooms. When our parents visited my sister’s in-laws, my mom was taken to a Tea Room in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. My sister visited the Wilmington Tea Room with her sister-in-law a few years ago. For Mother’s Day 2008, we went to a Mother and Daughter Tea at my sister’s church. This time, we, as mom and daughters, visited the Wilmington Tea Room. We enjoyed proper serving, sharing treats, and tea. We enjoyed our brew on the boardwalk with a beautiful sunny day.

We have now set an official tradition. Whenever possible, we will try to go to a Tea. There is a Tea Room not far from our mom’s work, so maybe we will go this summer. We’ll see where else we get to go…

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