After attending a teachers’ convention in Myrtle Beach last week, I’m full of ideas and projects to put to use in my classroom. It’s pretty exciting around my room. We are playing more games and trying to make better use of time. The big difference that I’m working towards, is incorporating learning centres into my regular scheduled day. Instead of a lot of busy-work that doesn’t do much, I’m trying to create interactive/enjoyable centres or activities that my kids can do once they’ve completed the seatwork assigned. I have already cut their seatwork total in half, and am trying to get them used to accomplishing it in a better block of time since they will only have half an hour to get it done as compared to the 45-60 minutes they’ve been getting. In rotation, my kids will do 30 minutes of seatwork, 30 minutes with me (reading), and 30 minutes at centres. We’ll see how it goes. Yes, I know I’m using the Canadian way to spell centers/centres. I like this spelling better, and hey, I need to get out my Canadianism somehow since I’m in Dixie now. Back to grading papers… 🙂

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