No news is good news (July 7th… ish)

girls day out

I have so much to tell, but not much time or space to tell it. Since my long ago note just before graduation, I’ve worked many odd jobs including painting the walls of the pharmacy where my Mom works, put away items from two pharmacy orders, painted two store signs, babysat, gardened, cleaned offices, tended the counter at the Everything Scottish gift shop, and several other things that I’m not remembering. 🙂

I took one of our church girls to the WILDs Christian Camp last week. We went for the day just to see what it was like. I’d never been, but I knew that it was a wonderful place for many people and I wanted to show Megan someplace she could go for a summer camp with a great way of growing in the Lord.

Another reason I took her to the WILDS was because I’ve accepted a teaching job, and I knew that I wouldn’t have much time left with at church with her. She is like a little sister, so I didn’t want to leave her without doing something special.

Jobs: I have accepted a 2nd grade teaching position at a christian school in Fayetteville, NC (about 5 hours from my parents). I’m really excited about working with this school. I found their website through the American Association of Christian Schools. I sent an email with my resume attached during a time when I was sending out many resumes. The principal replied and wanted to find a time to meet. My mom and I went for  I appreciated the welcome, and the warmth of the people right away. Their philosophy and ministry focus was very refreshing.

During my school searching I got an email about a possibility to teach overseas in 2011. I hoped that by then my braces would be close to coming off, so I’d be free to help in a international ministry. I responded to an email and met with the principal for a small christian school in Sydney, Australia before I finished college, remember I mentioned a possibility? They were looking for a teacher to come for July 2011 to teach a combined 5th and 6th grade class.

About a month after graduation, I got a call one early morning from Sydney asking me to come. I was shocked. I never expected to be the one chosen. It took some time, but I’m thankful for how the Lord did give me peace about this and is providing me with a way to get experience not too far from home this fall, then next summer go to Sydney and take this opportunity of a lifetime to learn and teach in an overseas setting. The school in Fayetteville is understanding and willing to let me teach only a year. I think they’d prefer longer term, as would I, but my prayer is to give them my best, and learn this first year of teaching, then be ready for the next hurdle/learning opportunity as it comes.

Classes start early August so right now I’m juggling a few days of work, the rest of my time is spent with family and helping where I can. It will be a bit of a challenge to get back into teaching mode after my few months off. I really appreciate how so many of you have expressed interest and encouraged me before and during my college years. Now as I go out to serve, you’re still an encouragement. Thank you. I do have some struggles such as trusting God and living on my own. I’m packing away a lot of stuff, or trying to find people/places that can use a lot of the things that I’ve accumulated over time.

I will try to send updates. Please let me know how I can pray for you. I don’t have many good ways to keep informed, and I do want to know how to pray for you.
in Christ,

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