Best laid plans…

It has been too long since I wrote last. Oh, well. I’m learning I can’t please everybody, or accomplish everything I want to. I can’t fix the world’s problems, and need to narrow my goals. (In other words, I need to say “no” once in a while, and make a list of things that need to be done…to prioritize.)

Job front, I’ve accepted a teaching position at a school in Fayetteville, NC. School starts August 11th. I never thought it would go through, but I also got a call to teach at a school in Sydney Australia, start date for June/July 2011. As far as I know, I’m going to leave mid June for Sydney next year.

Something I learned during college is that the Lord has his own plan. I’m not fearful at this moment about His plan (but I do struggle with it at times. It is an emotional show of my lack of faith) so unless the Lord changes things it looks like close to this time next year I’ll be down-under. šŸ™‚ I would rather wait to be sure about Sydney, but the school there needed an answer for their recruiting purposes. I know the Lord will help me keep my word.

I also need the Lord to help me focus on the tasks at hand, and help me be 100% in Fayetteville this school year. I’ve been able to visit twice and love the people. They are very kind. The more I meet my brothers and sisters in Christ the more overwhelming I realize that I long for the time when I’ll never have to say good bye.

Ps. 63 to see thy power and thy glory…

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