There are no major developments on the job front… new possibilities, but I won’t say where yet. It is for school in another country. (You’ll have to wait for more details…) This is my last week of school and student teaching… and then I will have a B.S. degree, and not too sure what to do with myself. So far, it looks like I’ll help paint a pharmacy, nanny for a week-end, visit a cousin in Florida, a wedding in PA, another in Maine, and possibly visit a few schools in NC, TN, and VA… it’s been hard to keep up with all the schools I’ve applied for positions, but the Lord knows what He’s doing, and I’m excited to see how He will guide and direct. The biggest blessing is that He has given me the strength so far not to panic. Yet.

This whole semester- {usually I’d be in tears whenever I’m in a tight spot} the Lord (it’s all Him) has kept me from tearing up- during the struggles with my kids, their insults, slapping, manipulating, or whatever. I really have to say that I’ve learned a lot, and as terrified as I was coming into student teaching, I’m still terrified, but in different ways. My biggest fear now is that I won’t plan well enough as I start the year- that my procedures/routines be something that will work the entire year… that I’d be the role model of Christ that I should be, and that I can make a difference. Math is also a fear- but with all there others, I know the Lord will continue to give grace as he has been doing.

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