Week Eleven

Week eleven

This week was crammed with my final major directed teaching project and two full days of teaching. I had my last observations as well. My kids had some varied behavior problems but there was nothing too major. Things are coming to a close and I feel like I just started! There are some improvements in learning with so much more to work on!

At school we have been overwhelmed with a huge craze over Sillybandz. They are little silicone rubber band thingies that come in lots of different shapes and colors. We have a few girls coming in with over fifty on each arm, in little ziplock bags or plastic containers. We gave warnings that the bands can not be out during lessons. Confiscation has occurred a few times. Some students have given me some, so I own a turtle, kangaroo, apple, hippopotamus, pig, teddy bear, and Scotty dog. I’m not too sure what to do with them, but when I wear them to school the kids trade with me. I really like my turtle. It’s very interesting to see how they can be used as rewards. They are a distraction at times, but overall the kids contain their play.

I heard this story at some point. There was a man who passed the same way each day. He noticed a turtle on top of a fence post. Each day the turtle was there. He realized one day that someone had to help/put that turtle on top of the fence. The same goes for us, we can’t get anywhere without being lifted up to the fence. We’re nothing without God. Just thought that was a great reminder for me, that really God is able to help me get to every fence I need to reach.

Friday evening was our school festival, there were fun games, rides, cookie decorating, face painting and a cake walk. All the events cost 2-4 tickets and were purchased at the entrance of the playground. I sold tickets for a while, and wandered the area for a bit. The festival (Mustang Madness) was quite crazy. My student teaching school mascots are mustangs so thus the name for the festival. What shocked me the most was the “turkey bowling”. They had two frozen turkeys that people could roll down a path and try to knock over a set of pins. It was hilarious to watch the frozen poultry tumble across the gym floor.

For other happenings, I got to go to a baby shower last week, and a bridal shower today. It was fun to catch up with a few people, and get out for a bit. I have ordered graduation announcements, and will try to send those out soon. I met with two different school administrators this week. Both were very positive, so I’m excited that I have a few opportunities to pursue for next fall. So far I’ve planned to go home for the summer. May is sneaking up fast.

Our entire fourth grade is taking an overnight field trip to Charleston this coming Thursday and Friday. I’m looking forward to it. I only hope I don’t lose anybody in my charge. We will be taking a carriage ride, visiting the Aquarium, Boone Hall, and the market… In preparation for the trip we will be doing centers for learning about the Civil War, and Charleston. So Monday-Wednesday will be a bit hectic to get the normal week events crammed in.

In Christ,



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